Soeharto-Hatta International Airport: 

Soeharto-Hatta International Airport is located 20 km from the city center. Travel options from/to the airport:

  • Airport Rail Link: The Soekarno-Hatto Airport Rail Link connects the Internationa Airport with Jakarta City Centre. The journey takes approx. 54 mins. There is a 30 mins interval between train departures. More info: 
  • Taxi: It takes around 30-45 minutes and you should arrange at the taxi desk in the arrivals hall, immediately after passing through Customs and Immigration (fixed price Silver Bird).
  • Pick-up: Alternatively, all main hotels offer mini-bus shuttle transfers or chauffeur-driven meet-and-greet service, therefore, it is advised to contact your hotel.
  • Bus: DAMRI Bus Service operates between the airport and Jakarta's downtown every 40 minutes. The journey time is around one hour to Blok M or Gambir Railway Station in the central business district
  • Facilities: currency exchange, post office, business center, a tourist information desk, car rental desks, and tax-free shopping. 

Address: Soeharto-Hatta International Airport 
Phone: +62 21 5505179

Public Transport

Jakarta has a wide range of transportation options. Buses are operated by a good number of private operators and by the state-owned PPD bus company. Mayasari and Patas AC buses are air-conditioned and flat fares are charged and are posted by the entrance door. Three-wheeled, two-seats scooter taxis, locally known as "bajaj", and Bemo minibuses also operate on fixed routes throughout Jakarta, as do Mikrolet or Angkot minibuses. Email: Phone: +62 21 8591 2547


For visitors, taxis are the most sensible option as public transports tend to be extremely crowded, slow and petty theft is common. The most reliable taxi companies include Silver Bird and Blue Bird. Drivers should carry a rate sheet showing the current fare to most destinations – check the fare before getting into the taxi. More sensibly, ask your hotel or restaurant to call a cab for you. Blue Bird also offers a premium Golden Bird limousine service, which can be booked through your hotel or on the company's website.

Phone: +62 21 794 1234