Planning for scale

TRACK 1: Limitless cities and urban futures

congress team:  Peter Newman, Australia & Luo Wenjing, China190501 tracks small 03


Reasons why megacities and city regions are growing and leading planetary urbanisation.

Global influence and competitiveness: the role of megacities.

Megacities as leaders in low impact energy, food, and resources consumption.

Linkages, relationships, disparities, synergies and connections: opportunities for the whole and its parts.

Prospects, visions, futures, predictions, forecasts and scenarios for megacities in the future.

Through holistic exploration, this track will provide an opportunity to discuss why megacities are emerging, how they are influencing the world (positively and otherwise) and how planners can think ahead about their future. Megacities and city-regions are challenging the notion of the traditional city and even the metropolis. Larger and more powerful than countries, they become global nodes of migration, trade, knowledge exchange and innovation that seem to be limitless. Are megacities unstoppable and the fastest way to a prosperous future? The track also explores the needs and impacts of megacities, from infrastructure to food and waste, and the range of strategies needed, imagined or already being explored, to make them lead the way towards efficiencies of scale and innovative resource management. Are they part of a global interconnected network that can lead planetary change or a threat to life on Earth? 

How best to plan ahead for an efficient, livable and regenerative megacity? What lessons can already be learned from the leaders in this journey?