Kota Tua Neighbourhood Walkshop

Part walking tour, part workshop, the intent of this "Walkshop" is to bring together a small number of ISOCARP congress participants and city staff to discuss some of the challenges they have faced in trying to revitalise the Kota Tua Neighbourhood of Jakarta and to use our collective insights to generate some ideas for those areas yet to be planned. The format of the Walkshop has been developed to encourage the free flow of ideas amongst participants and allows for the sharing and appreciation of individual reflections and experiences. 

The Walkshop will bring together experienced urban practitioners from the ISOCARP Congress, to exchange their views and experiences on urban renewal projects similar to the Kota Tua Neighbourhood in Jakarta. All participants will engage proactively in the Walkshop by sharing their experience, highlighting examples of good practices from their own cities and portfolio of work.

Availability: 25-30 persons 


Michael Stott B.A., M.Urb, Group Director
Brisbane, Ethos Urban

Michael is an urban designer and planner who has spent the last 20 years' working around the world with extended periods in Asia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. His professional experience includes working for several globally recognised, leading consultancies and government entities, who are at the forefront of changing how cities are designed and planned.

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