About the Congress

The congress starts at 9:00 every day, except Monday. The programme schedule is published online and available in the brochure that will be distributed to all delegates during the registration. You may also download the congress app to view the schedule (available for Android and iOS). 

Speakers may check their presentation schedules at the "My schedule" and "Sessions I am speaking at" tabs on the account Dashboard. Similarly, attendees will be able add sessions to their schedule using the same Dashboard menu tabs. Each presenter will be given 10-12 minutes time to present their work. If you need to concise your work, please do so in the next few days.We highly recommend delegates to read the abstracts before going to the congress to plan your day.  


Venue 1 – Hotel Borobudur (Main Congress Venue), 10-13 September 2019

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta is the main venue of the congress. All parallel sessions, special sessions, side events, and the rest of the plenary sessions will be held here. The congress function rooms are distributed as follows:

  • Plenary Room – Flores A and B 
  • Parallel Sessions Rooms – Flores A, Boardroom, Banda A, Banda B, Sumba A, Sumba B, Ambon+Nias+Ceram 
  • Special Sessions Room – Singosari

Venue 2 – Bogor (IPB) International Convention Center, 9 September 2019

The first day of the congress will be held at Bogor International Convention Center. The opening ceremony and the opening plenary will be held at the ballroom of the Convention Center. Meanwhile, the Welcoming Dinner Reception for all delegates will be held at Bogor City Hall, about 35 minutes on foot from the Bogor International Convention Center. 

Track Locations

Track 1 – Banda A / Boardroom 

Track 2 – Timor 

Track 3 – Flores A  

Track 4 – Banda B 

Track 5 – Sumba A

Track 6 – Sumba B 

Track 7 – Ambon+Nias+Ceram 

* Boardroom/ Sumba A/ Sumba B are located at the 3rd floor;  Ambon+Nias+Ceram is located at the 19th floor.

Exhibit locations

All exhibitions are located along the hallway nearest to the Ballroom Entrance of Borobudur Hotel (venue I) and in front of the Main Function Hall at Bogor International Convention Center (venue II).


Congress Registration opens on Sunday, 8 September 2019, at Hotel Borobudur from 12:00 to 21:00 and will be available throughout the congress periodRegistration will also be available at the Bogor International Convention Center but ONLY on Monday afternoon, 9 September 2019.



Sunday, 8 September


Monday, 9 September

7:30-8:30; 10:30-18:00**

Tuesday, 10 September


Wednesday, 11 September


Thursday, 12 September


Friday, 13 September


**Registration will be at Hotel Borobudur except Monday, 10:30-18:00, 9 September (BICC)  


Please register and collect your congress materials and badge at our Registration desks by the Ballroom entrance of Hotel Borobudur. Do not forget to bring your ticket, either printed or (preferably) on your phone. (We may ask for an ID to confirm it's your ticket).

Note: If you have registered and collected your badge and congress materials on the first day at Bogor International Convention Center, you do NOT need to register again at Hotel Borobudur. Please wear your badge visibly and at all times during the congress.

Congress App

Download the Dryfta App on iTunes or Google Play. Type in "ISOCARP" on the search button to have full access to the programme and participants network.

Using the congress app, attendees can:

  • Update their profile
  • Manage their personal schedule and check-in to sessions
  • Set up 1-to-1 meetings with fellow attendees
  • View sponsors and exhibitors and their representatives, send requests to get their contact details
  • Engage in discussions on the forum

Download the App (iOS)  |   Download the App (Google Play)

Exhibitors can:

Use the in-built QR code scanner to scan attendees QR code on their badges and save to their list of vCards (leads). Later those vCards can be exported into Phonebook or in Excel format.


Coffee, tea, and water are available throughout the congress. Lunch will be served, from Tuesday to Thursday, 13:00-14:00, at the Flores Promenade of Hotel Borobudur. Lunch is also provided at the Bogor International Convention Center, 13:00-14:00, before the opening plenary starts.

Gala Dinner

All congress delegates are invited to join the Gala dinner on Thursday, 12 September 2019. The venue will be at Candi Bentar, Jalan Pantai Indah, Ancol, Jakarta Utara.

Dinner Reception

There will be a dinner reception on Monday, 9 September, at the Bogor City Hall (1 KM away from the Bogor International Convention Center). All congress delegates and accompanying persons are invited to attend this social event. Shuttle services will be provided.

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