Sławomir Ledwoń, ISOCARP Congress Director and Board Member

"Last year our Congress was hosted in Bodø, Norway, where a record number of planners, over 500, gathered to discuss planning for climate change. It was a great event, with excellent contributions from authors and presenters, including keynote speakers - Jeremy Rifkin, Peter Newman and Herbert Girardet, and great hospitality of the hosts and proud citizens of Bodø."


In 2019 the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress will travel from the far north arctic circle south – to the meridian – to Jakarta and Bogor, Indonesia. ISOCARP has been invited by the Indonesian Association of Urban and Regional Planners and their supporting partners to explore the world's second-biggest agglomeration, with its excellence, character, but also challenges and opportunities for the future.

This year's theme "Beyond the Metropolis" will truly go beyond: both the Jakarta metropolis by having its worldwide relevance and attendance of international delegates, but also beyond the concept of megacities by discussing their future and alternatives of such models. The topic to discuss has never been so current and diverse, and for this reason, we will have 7 parallel thematic tracks with many sessions of presentations, panels and discussions.

We welcome contributions not only from researchers and urban thinkers but also from practitioners and those responsible for the development on the ground. Over the last years, the World Planning Congress has become the forum to exchange knowledge between all stakeholders engaged in the city, urban and regional planning and design. Invited speakers will give plenary keynotes on the main theme. ISOCARP will also have its programme, where members will have the opportunity to discuss the Society's current matters, but also every delegate will learn about our programmes and initiatives.

I would like to cordially invite you to take part in 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress expecting that the delegates will learn a lot from this Congress, make new networking acquaintances for fruitful future collaboration, explore Indonesia and above all have a memorable time in Indonesia!

Join us! Submit your proposal for contribution and register soon! Follow this website for updates.


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