Martin Dubbeling, President of ISOCARP

martin"Cities and metropolises play a crucial role in implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They address both the hardware and software of cities. No other discipline has the overview and capacity to implement the SDGs as city and regional planners do. Therefore we have a profound responsibility to plan and change cities and metropolises to become more liveable, inclusive and sustainable."


We are a worldwide members-led network association of urban and regional planners. We arrange a wide array of activities for and with our members such as publications, workshops, awards, and training programmes. This learning network is the greatest asset of ISOCARP. Our members meet, connect, get to know each other, learn from each other and are able to support each other with ideas and through the exchange of knowledge and experience. Every year our members of the extensive ISOCARP network meet at our annual congress.

This year´s theme 'Beyond the Metropolis' evokes the complex and daring challenges for our present and future cities. I am excited that Jakarta, the second largest agglomeration on earth, has taken the courageous responsibility to put the future of its metropolis on the agenda and will host the 55th ISOCARP Congress. At our annual World Planning Congresses, ISOCARP members, partners and congress delegates, present their projects, cases, research of the past year and participate in technical tours, special sessions and workshops and paper presentations.

ISOCARP congresses are first and foremost a meeting place of our members, all planning professionals working in academia, for cities and regions as well as for local and international consultancies and institutions. The 55th ISOCARP Congress in Jakarta aims to become an event where planners, developers, politicians and NGOs meet and discuss the future of urban resilience of agglomerations for Jakarta and beyond.

With much appreciation for your interest and commitment to "Knowledge for Better Cities".

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