Reinventing the City Centre: Implementation Strategies for TOD Concept in Existing Built Environment in Jakarta

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Transit Oriented Development (TOD) has been a concept floating around the professional realm in the field of urban planning, urban design, and urbanism for decades now. It has a certain distinct approach in promoting slow traffic mobility for pedestrian and cyclists in areas 700 – 1.000 meter away from the transit facilities, generating ridership by inducing compact and dense mixed-use development in the precinct. Jakarta, Indonesia is currently facing a major change in the means of transportation by adding up a new MRT line to the latest urban mobility network. This addition is, naturally, expected to alter the urban form within the TOD areas, which are mostly built existing environment. This paper aims to posit an exercise on the implementation of TOD concept in a built existing environment including the challenges in implementing TOD concept in such areas and possibilities for redevelopment within those TOD areas. To exemplify, several case studies will be presented, including Dukuh Atas, Cipete, and Haji Nawi TOD areas.
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